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Shift of Destiny*

Danger for Woman Newly Coming into Her Power

Heroine Moira is on the run from a man who believes she has magical powers and wants to harness them. She doesn’t believe she has these powers. She chooses a small town in Wyoming as her destination. This little tourist town has secrets of its own; it is home to all manner of magical creatures who are able to hide themselves from the tourists by wearing a special charmed pendant that only shows what the wearer wants the non-magical person to see. Moira meets Chance on her first night, and the shifter handyman sees her to the place she will be staying. The book follows their blossoming romance and the attempts by more than one person to capture her.

I enjoyed the quirky little town that Moira ended up in. In fact, I wish more time was spent there as it was such a fun place to hang out with all the different types of magical beings present. I thought Chance was a good hero. He is a decent and kind person/shifter who is protective of those he cares about even if he has been a loner for much of his existence.

I was surprised at the level of profanity and crude words in this book, especially as the book went on. I just personally find this off-putting and distracting from a story. The book was mostly well edited, but I did find one peculiar fault, given that it was professionally edited—commas were used with compound predicates (verb phrases), and they don’t need to be.

If you enjoy shifter romance, you will most likely enjoy this book with a well-imagined world and well-drawn and sympathetic characters.