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Shane's Deal*

How Far Will a Woman Go to Protect Those She Loves

We meet the heroine, Madeline, when she is awakening after a hard night of sleeping rough. She’s on the run to Canada, trying to stay ahead of outlaws who are desperate to find her and her money. She means only to get a few things in Lewiston, Montana, before moving on when she is shot in the shoulder and must stay put for a while. She confides in the marshal, Shane, about her plight and her pregnancy. Immediately, he offers to marry her to protect both her and the child and to give the child a father.

Is Madeline safe under Shane’s protection? Will she be able to make something of her new marriage? Are there those who would still take her money?

Madeline is an interesting character. It’s clear that she’s been through a lot in her loveless marriage to her first husband. She has a fiery redetermination about her that is almost modern in its sensibility. Shane is a decent man who grew up in difficult circumstances. He never thought he’d have a wife, but he treats her with dignity and respect. I love that he sews! I felt like I wanted to see more character development and evolution of the couple’s relationship. Almost too much of the story seemed to be focused on the mayor.

That said, I found this to be a relatively enjoyable read. If you enjoy old style Western romance with honorable men and despicable ones, you might enjoy this read.

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