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Seducing Her Vikings*

Stuck in Viking Times

Lainie is trapped in the Viking past for this serial installment of this book. Here, she meets Hjalmar’s mother and his brother, Asger. The brother believes that she is the woman that he has been dreaming about for some time, but Lainie is not interested… at first. Will she get back to modern times during this installment?

I am enjoying how the author includes all sorts of little tidbits about Viking history and culture in these serials. I had never heard of the frille system before. Interesting information about the brothers’ mother and where she came from. While things don’t actually get steamy back in Viking times, Lainie does have an erotic dream about Asger. Curious to see the next installment! Will Hjalmar be there and OK? How will the other time travelers fare in modern times?

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