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Searching for My Rogue*

Witty Banter and Crazy Actions Make this Book Fun

Oh, my gosh! What a fun read this is! Alys is a smart-mouthed American from Baltimore in 2015. Her spoiled sister, Regency, is having a Regency themed wedding the estate of Bradford, the Duke of Weston. While there, Alys takes a tumble off a cliff and into Regency England. The Regency duke, James, has recently returned from the Napoleonic Wars, suffering in both mind and body. He finds her on a beach, nearly unconscious, near his estate. He takes her back there and calls a doctor.

The banter between these two is so amusing. Alys is so funny and sarcastic as she’s trying to figure out what’s going on, where precisely she is (as it isn’t quite like the modern ducal estate), and who this man who looks so much like Bradford is. The Regency duke at first doesn’t understand things like her strange shoes and some of the odd words and phrases she uses. Their heated discussion even becomes physical! He thinks she’s mad until she shows him her driver’s license that shows her birthdate.

This book didn’t seem to have as many problems with grammar and punctuation as the other one. It was just a deliciously fun read. My only wish is that were a novel and not a novella, as I would have loved to have seen more about both of these characters.