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Sea of Darkness*

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Kelia’s in the fight of her life against an Infant Sea Shadow, a newly turned vampire of the seas. Back on land with just a few scrapes after the encounter, she meets her father, who asks that she meet him after she is debriefed. Her handler seems surprised at how well she tackled this difficult mission, coming out relatively unscathed. Kelia’s life is upended when her father is found dead, she is told, from suicide. Something is not quite right, and soon Kelly is teaming up with a most unlikely ally, Drew Knight, one of the leaders of the Sea Shadows. She believes that her father did not commit suicide, and he believes that The Society is keeping dark secrets. So it’s the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” They team up to figure it all out.

What a complex world of The Society and the Sea Shadows! The author has done an excellent job of world-building—all the details about the Slayers, The Society, social structure, and the Sea Shadows. Yet she was able to do this without making it feel like it was an information dump. Seeing the world from both Kelia’s and Drew’s perspectives help to give a fuller picture of what is going on. There are so many layers of secrets, lies, and intrigue. Their world is definitely not what either of them initially believes. I love stories in which characters exist in a bubble world that gets shattered; these characters assume the world is one way because they have been told it is so, and so they are rocked to their very core when they learn it is different. That’s exactly what’s going on here, and the author has done a good job in slowly revealing the lies and deception. And I know there is much more to come!

I so enjoy the relationship between Kelia and Drew. He has that pirate swagger way about him and a sarcastic, humorous way of looking at things. He loves to bait and challenge her, and it is fun to watch. Their interactions make this book so enjoyable.

While this took did have closure on some points, it left much to be explored, I became immersed in this world, and I can’t wait to move on to the next book to see what’s going to happen next.