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Scream Muddy Murder*

Muddy Murder, Danger, and Romance

Emily and her daughter are participating in a reenactment of the Seminole War when Emily ends up falling over in the mud while trying to steady Detective Lewis… right on top of a dead body! After Emily’s previous misadventures in the other books of this series, Lewis tells her not to get involved in the investigation. Of course, Emily can’t help herself, and she drags her friends and families into it as well.

Who killed the high school principal at the reenactment? How will Lewis handle Emily’s involvement in the investigation? Will Emily be putting herself and those she cares about in danger because of her involvement?

There are so many things to like about this cozy mystery. I haven’t read many cozies where the story is told from the perspective of the amateur sleuth and the actual detective. I love seeing the story from both viewpoints; it added depth not usually seen when we can only know part of the story. I like that this was a longer cozy, as I have been reading shorter ones lately. This allowed the author time to build up some suspense as Emily placed herself and others in her sphere in danger. It also allowed Emily and the detective to develop their flirtation more.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a little suspense, a bit of danger, and a dash of romance, you might enjoy this book.

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