NOTE: It appears that this book is no  longer available for sale.

Say I Do*

Sex and Profanity . . . Oh, My!

This boxset contains three of the author’s novels as well as an extended sample of one that is coming out this spring. I loved the cover; it looks so sweet and innocent that I thought the stories would be the same. So I was a little surprised when the first novel started out with a fair amount of profanity. That story, Dangerous Rock, is about a spur-of-the-moment marriage between a rock musician and a usually more proper woman. The second one, Pretend You’re Mine, has a man pretending to be dating his best female friend so that he can save face at his ex’s wedding…but it starts to become real. The final one, Play Your Heart Out, is another story about a “pretend” relationship. This time, a rockstar who has the image of “boyfriend” is now minus his real-life girlfriend; his record company wants him to get another one ASAP. So he hires a law student to pretend to be his girlfriend; he’ll pay for her law school.

I found these novels to be disappointing. They are so different for my expectation, not knowing the author’s reputation and just judging the book by the cover. The books are pretty much all sex and profanity, and there isn’t much distinction between various characters and how they speak or act; each character should always be individual. I found the style of writing choppy as well. There were a lot of one sentence paragraphs which, doesn’t make for an easy or insightful read.