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Saving Mr. Darcy*

Plodding and Tedious JAFF

I am a massive fan of Jane Austen fanfiction. In fact, when I first got my Kindle years ago, I just about read it exclusively! So, I’m always on the lookout for my next JAFF fix. I was hoping to find it with this book. Unfortunately, I found the plot to be rather plodding to start and actually rather tedious. What made it tedious? Many scenes seemed to be just filler, with no substance that drives plot or shows character, like the visit that Elizabeth had with Charlotte at the start of the book. We didn’t even see Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth converse—though we did hear after the fact that they danced at the ball that takes place at the beginning of the book–until after the 15% mark or so. The book is also full of all sorts of strange errors with grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling, much more so than the average independently published book. Commas were used either too often or not enough. Tenses were sometimes wrong, and even now and then there wasn’t subject-and-verb agreement. There were enough errors that it was distracting. While I do indeed love Jane Austen fanfiction, I do not feel that I can recommend this book.