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Rule the Dark*

Fitting End to a Delightful Series

Holy wow! I have so enjoyed this steamy, mythological series. The entire series has been full of adventure, with lots of action both inside and outside the bedroom (so to speak, as not all amorous activities took place there). Throughout all of these books, so much has gone on, yet in this final book, the authors not only are able to give yet another story with lots of twists, turns, and action but is also able to wrap it all up neatly with a bow. We see all the familiar characters, Macey and her men, as well as friends and allies. There are some new people thrown into the mix, too. There were a lot of ends to tie up over the many books of this series, but again, the authors did an exceptional job at it while telling a story that gave all the feels. Even with the waffles! I really appreciate, too, that the authors include a little summary of the previous books before each book starts; I would love, love, love if other authors did the same! While I have read all of the series, at times there has been a good stretch of time between my reading of the novels, so it is good to have a little refresher without having to read the entire set of previous books in the series. (A great way, too, to not bog down the current story with a lot of backstory.) I actually was almost amused at this one because it was so danged long! I had forgotten some details of the earlier books, so it was good to be reminded. If you enjoy RH romance and series steeped in Celtic mythology, I heartily recommend that you start with book one, and enjoy the journey with Macey and her men.