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Romance & Revenge*

Problems with Roommate’s Company

Presley’s back in Chicago, and Katy is staying with her and Jared while she puts the debacle of her near wedding behind her. Presley thought Cooper was still out of the country after his failed proposal, but she finds out he’s been back to their hometown. Why hasn’t he called to let her know that he is back in the States? Jared has some unexpected time off from work because one of his co-workers has been murdered. On top of that, his company is suffering because someone is leaking their ideas to rivals, who then present the same ideas to the potential customer, making Jared’s company appear as if it is the one that is stealing concepts.

Why was Jared’s co-worker murdered? Who is the mole, and is that related to the murder? Can Jared’s company get its reputation and clients back? Will Cooper give Presley a call? Or will she have to call him?

This book concentrates on figuring out the murderer, but Presley can’t get Cooper out of her mind. I was glad to see Cooper back, even peripherally, because I do enjoy the dynamics of a couple. I like seeing more of Katy; she has some big decisions to make, and it was interesting to see her work through them. The author has created a well-developed but small set of secondary characters that add substance to the series, particularly in this novel where we see more of Katy and Jared.