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Rogues Like Ir Hot*

Nine Steamy Reads

I am a sucker for a collection of Regency romance! Even if I don’t like every book in a set, I will usually like enough of the books to make it worth my while. This book had the standard dukes and marquesses along with a couple of pirates and a prince of a made-up realm that existed in the channel between real Regency England and France. Some of these books don’t appear to be available singly. I’ll admit I wasn’t too wild about the pirate stories (because pirate romance is not really my thing), although the authors still did a good job writing them. I thought, too, that some of the heroes were more rakes than rogues… and I prefer my Regency rogues to be just a little naughty, but not too much. Still, I found the books in this collection to be enjoyable, steamy reads.