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Right for Me*

A Sweet—Literally—Little Romance

While this book definitely does have some twists and turns that aren’t necessarily typical in contemporary romance, in the end, the lovely and intriguing characters make it a sweet little modern romance. The hero and the heroine are both decent people, truly good folks, who sometimes get in over their heads even with the best of intentions. Tommy is a great hero, a compassionate sweetheart of a guy. I loved the family aspect of this. Having grown up in a family of five daughters, I tend to love stories that show what happens between grown-up siblings and adult parent-child relationships. This one had all that family action going on. There’s a surprising amount of humor, and there are places where I laughed out loud. But there are also times that tug at the heartstrings just a little bit. I love a romance that can do both, especially when there is such a delightful couple at the core. Oh, and all the baking was a lot of fun, too!