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Two Spies Who Reach Out From the Grave*

A Gripping Spy Thriller That Is Hard to Put Down!

Immediately, the protagonist draws you into the story, as you see what he is thinking as he holds a gun on a man. Good guy or bad guy? We don’t know right away. We find out that it is Nathan Adamson, trained as a Navy SEAL and now part of the CIA’s special ops team. The book follows the twists and turns of Nathan’s work and his inner struggles (and, boy, does he have them!), but Nathan’s tale is woven with that of his mentor’s, a now 100-year-old woman who was a member of France’s WWII resistance and mother of the modern espionage in France. Unfortunately, both Sophia’s health and memory are fading. As she loses some memories, ghosts from her past reappear…not only disturbing her mind further…but in real life as well. It’s never over…until it’s over!

This book is exceptionally well written. I was drawn in right away; the descriptions of what Nathan was thinking and feeling in that first chapter was so intensely personal and so strong… I could almost feel the gun in my hand myself! The writing is tight–as one would hope from a spy thriller–but it has moments of beauty in its spareness, like when he described sunset, “A ribbon of fire ignites the eastern horizon.”

The pacing was perfect. I just wanted to keep going!

I did receive an ARC of this book, but this is my honest review…grab a copy if you like spy thrillers!