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Queen of Darkness*

New Life Direction for Kelia…and New Dangers

Now that Kelia’s life has been forced into a particular direction, new dangers seem to be around every curve. She needs knowledge and training, but Drew isn’t providing that. There are more problems with the Sirens, and of course, the queen.

It is interesting how much Kelia’s life has changed over the course of these four novels. Of course, the change documented in this novel is probably her most significant altering circumstance yet and one that she doesn’t really appreciate the full ramifications of through the course of the story. She has a hard time accepting that she had no choice, though, in a moment of clarity, she does realize that she would have made the choice that Drew made for her. In this book, Kelia has to find her bearings in a new reality where she is not as supported by Drew as she would like.

I continue to enjoy this series of Kelia‘s and Drew’s adventures and wonder what they will be next.