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Protectors of Poison: Scorpio*

Ancient Egyptian Deities . . . and a Poisoned Osiris

The Egyptian goddess Serket is alive in modern times (known as Sera) and working as a veterinary technician. Known for her healing, Serket’s powers are on the wane because Egyptian gods and goddesses are largely forgotten. Sed, a jackal god, appears to her as a wounded jackal, and she rescues him, not knowing of his divine state. Soon, he lets her know and also asks her if she is involved in the poisoning of Osiris, as the venom appears to have come from one of her scorpions. She is not involved in this, of course, so they join forces to try to figure out what exactly is going on.

Will they figure out the source of this poisoning? Will they be able to save Osiris? Will Serket regain any of her power?

What an interesting, quick read. We don’t often see ancient Egyptian mythology in paranormal stories. Sed and Serket are ones I haven’t heard of before, so it was fun to see them in action and learn a little bit about them and their myths. Even though this book was short, the author had good pacing and characterization. I’ll be interested in reading more of this.