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Prose and Poison*

More General Mystery Than Cozy

This book is the cozy mystery debut of a writer who has written in different genres. Unfortunately, this mystery seems more like a general mystery than a cozy to me. To me, cozy mysteries must be filled with quirky characters in a zany small town. There’s at least one familial relationship that bolsters the protagonist in a way that is not typical of the family relationship; usually this is with an aunt or a grandmother. The protagonist is usually involved in one of the funky businesses in town. There may or may not be a pet. This book did have an amateur sleuth (and even a pet!), but the feel of the entire book was not like a cozy. It lacks the quirkiness factor. Yes, there were some funny-named businesses, but that was the extent of it. The secondary characters weren’t really quirky at all; they seem like ordinary people. I didn’t feel like there were enough progressive complications to keep the middle of the book interesting, especially considering that there wasn’t the quirkiness factor that normally keeps me engaged while reading a cozy.