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Prisoners of Scythia box set*

Imprisoned Shifters and Their Mates

I have read several types of stories by Lisa Daniels, and I enjoy her writing style. She has a way of drawing you into a story and making you feel for the characters right away. There’s always some level of suspense as well as romance, of course. So when I saw this box set available at one of my favorite book review sites, I was quick to snap it up. I’m happy to say that Ms. Daniels has yet again written a delightful set of stories. She’s also managed to touch upon some deeper themes that we rarely see in shifter romance. To me, one of the biggest surprises is that it isn’t only the ones who are behind bars who are imprisoned in this story. Indeed, the title of the box set can apply to quite a few characters. The women as well are imprisoned in each their own way—one a servant, one a lowly bastard, and one a princess who is being held captive by her father until a particular event happens. Ms. Daniels is not heavy-handed with this theme of imprisonment—showing it through the characters’ lives, actions, and reactions—but it certainly got me thinking about the topic as I kept turning the pages. Other themes that seem to be a part of this include prejudice and nationalistic fear, as evidenced by what happened to the shifters. Each of these stories had such a lovely and heartfelt relationship at its core. Again, Ms. Daniels writes these kinds of relationships in such a compelling way. I root for the hero and heroine, not just for the romance, but for the external situations that they are in as well. The last book definitely had a twist and a surprise; I love that as a reader! Another well-done series by an author who knows how to deliver on character, plot, suspense, and romance.