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Porter's Lodge*

Historical Mysteries Impact the Present

In this book set in an alternate, magical present, perspective shifts between Brendan—who is an Elite agent—and Jake, who is preparing for his first day in the Elites when we first meet him. Brendan, while heroic fighting against the Ambros family, has recently lost his son and is still not working as he tries to process his grief. Wanting to get out of the house, he shows up to work, but his boss attempts to send him home. When Brendan says he wants to stay, the boss says must do the new recruit orientation or leave. Thus, Brendan’s and Jake’s lives start to intertwine. Both Brendan and Jake are members of the Council, which hundreds of years ago triumphed over the Coven families so they could to exert better control over the magic of their world. Soon, the recruits are looking into some historical mysteries that revolve around Porter’s Lodge.

What will these new investigations into old mysteries bring up? Will they be tied to events that are happening now? Will Brendan overcome his grief enough to fully function?

The book had a slow start–as Brendan and Jake prepare for their day–before we see that it is a magical world. Things start to get more interesting as the new Elites start looking into the old mysteries. The author did an excellent job of portraying the paralyzing effects of grief, which is especially difficult when that grief revolves around a parent’s child.

If you enjoy paranormal fiction that slowly reveals mysteries and their impact on the present, you will enjoy this book.