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Pheme's Regret*

An Unusual Regency with Lots More Going on Than Romance

This is a very complex story for a Regency. It is not merely a Regency romance. Several plot lines run through this novel. In general, I thought it was well written. The characters were complex, although I thought the daughter was a little over the top, especially at the beginning. There was a villain plot, a mother reuniting with her daughter plot (she had to give her up as a baby), an expat living abroad because of a ruined reputation plot, the life of the haberdasher’s subplot, along with the romance plot. That romance was complicated because it was the hero’s reputation that was ruined, and the heroine caused it in the distant past. A significant part of this took place in France, which is unusual for a Regency, but I certainly enjoyed the French part of the story, which actually was the bulk of the book. I quite enjoyed following the convoluted twists and turns of this plot until it got to the very end, where the author disappointed me by pulling out a hackneyed Regency trick at a pivotal moment. Sigh. But all in all, I did enjoy this complicated, character-driven Regency romance.