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Learn about PCOS

In this book, the author has gathered some of the latest science and writing about PCOS. She explains what it is and its symptoms. She spends a fair amount of time on the mental and emotional aspects of the syndrome. While the subtitle proclaims that you will be able to reverse PCOS, inside the author states that some symptoms and effects can be reversed but not necessarily everything. She details different ideas and techniques that either directly address the causes of PCOS or its symptoms and effects. She spends some time discussing how hormones play a factor, dedicating a chapter to insulin alone. Some later chapters address how PCOS affects fertility. At the end of the book, she has an extensive list of references. The author really has tried to take from many sources, including studies and people who are considered PCOS experts. If you suffer from this syndrome, you may very well find the information in this book to be helpful as you try to move past the difficulties it causes for you.