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Our World is in Your Hands*

Many Ways to Be Eco-Conscious and Eco-Friendly

I found this book to be a fascinating read. The author clearly believes in living green and planet-friendly in all aspects of her life. One thing I like about this book is that the author isn’t preachy; she doesn’t attempt to shame the reader for their less-than-stellar choices (as I’ve seen in other books). The tone is completely different, and she sets this up right from the beginning, and it carries on throughout the entire book. You can tell how much she cares about this and how much she wants YOU to care about it as well.  The book does go into many details about ways to live a more eco-conscious life, from how we handle our food and resources under our care to issues like plastic bags and chemicals. Some ideas are not unique to the author, but others definitely are. There’s much food for thought here, and the book will get you thinking about ways that you could decrease your footprint and perhaps live better by doing so. The author is Australian, so some terms and information she gives are more particular to Australia but could be applied universally. If you have any interest in this topic, you will most likely find this personal take on it to be one that will challenge you to make changes for the benefit of yourself and the planet.