One Kiss from Ruin*

After Five Years of Heartache, Can They Find Happiness?

There is so much going on in this book! The hero and heroine were to be married five years ago, but the marriage never happened because the hero, Daniel, became embroiled in a scandal about the possible illegitimacy, and therefore, his eligibility for his title of marquess. Her family shunned him, lying to the couple. He was told that she never wanted to see him again and regretted everything they shared; she was told nothing, so she was left to assume he just abandoned her. As neither knows the truth, both are still infatuated with each other but hold some sadness (on her part) and resentment and anger (on his). Scandal and gossip have continued to follow him, some instigated by a longtime friend. She has decided to join the Spinster Society and help with their work. Now, he’s about come and claim his title after most of the issues around the illegitimacy claim have been resolved, but he still needs to go before a committee, so he must live a very upright and proper life. No scandals. And he needs to find the right society wife.

Of course, when they see each other again, they still have an attraction and a desire to be together, especially after they realize that they’ve been lied to for all these years. But she has a secret that can ruin it all for him. Will she help him find the proper wife he needs, or will he figure out some way that they can be together?

This book had some of the common issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage, but it wasn’t distracting. I found the heroine to be sweet and sad. The hero is definitely a rapscallion, especially the way he first treated her when he didn’t quite realize that he had broken her heart. But even afterward at times, he is unkind. But in general, their love and affection for each other shines through.

We also learn some about what the author is calling the Harrow Five, five young heirs to titles who were a group to be reckoned with when they were lads at Harrow. I’ll be interested to see where else the author takes us with the Harrow Five.