No Niche Necessary*

Roadmap to Help You Become a Multipassionate Entrepreneur

If you’ve done any reading lately about entrepreneurship, you know that one of the buzzwords of the moment is “niche.” This book’s bold stance is that no niche is necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. The author posits that we are multi-passionate people– a term she uses regularly–and that our business should reflect not only our passions (plural).

The book is divided into three sections of two or three chapters each. The first section presents the premise of the book using her own life as an example, discusses how it is different than conventional wisdom, and encourages you to start thinking about removing roadblocks if this is something you want to pursue. The next section is about strategy, figuring out and shaping your core message as well as deciding what role you want to take in your business. The final section is about the nuts-and-bolts of realizing your vision, both building a robust framework of it from a couple of different models as well as how to keep your new business going and on track with your core message and your personal needs.

In each chapter, she not only talks about her own experience and insights; she also shares relevant examples from contemporary society’s entrepreneurs who have taken a multi-faceted approach to their business(es) or brand(s). Chapters beyond the earliest all have exercises to get you thinking, reflecting, and brainstorming about your passions and what you want your life and business to look like and ultimately be.

If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but have had a hard time shoehorning yourself into a single niche, as experts often tout as the key to modern business, this book could help you better understand what passions drive you and what goals motivate you so you can better choose a path that’s both right for you and will bring value to your customers.