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No More Terrible Dates*

A Fun, Delicious Read

I was a big fan of the initial for Cozy Cottage Cafe series of romance books by this author. I just thought there was a lot of fun with quirky characters and sometimes zany circumstances. I wasn’t delighted as much by the first book of the spinoff High Tea series, but I have enjoyed the author’s works enough that I wanted to give this spinoff series a second chance. I am so glad I did, as I so enjoyed this installment of this relatively new series.

There was so much that I liked about this book. First, Darcy’s head is a great place to be because she can be insightful, silly, intense, and all manner of things depending on the circumstances. Where men are concerned, she can certainly leap FAST to enamored and thinking he’s “the one.” I absolutely adored the bad dates that she went on for this story. The reveal of the first one had me laughing out loud, and as it went on and on, it got even more amusing. Darcy works for a celebrity, an actress-turned-wellness guru in the style of Gwyneth Paltrow; that woman provides many humorous moments. She takes herself far too seriously, which is funny to both us and Darcy. I love the relationship between Darcy and the other women in the book. I think we all wish we had gal pals like that. Oh, and can I come eat at the Cozy Cottage Cafe? It just sounds so wonderful. Darcy’s relationship with Alex, the ultimate hero, has been fractious for years because of an incident in their past, one that left a mark on her but one that he doesn’t even remember. That seems so true to real life. Can she get past this issue to truly appreciate the man he is now?

Highly recommended!