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No More Bad Dates*

Light on Romance, Heavy on Family and Friends

I have read the books in the previous series, the one that this is a spin-off of. I really enjoyed that set of books. I didn’t find this book to be nearly as entertaining. I think it’s because I felt it was light on the actual romance. It is billed as a romantic comedy, after all, so you would expect some good romantic aspects. Not nearly as much interaction happened between the hero and the heroine as I would have thought or hoped. It seemed to be more about the heroine and her family and friends than the romantic relationship. There is definitely some humor here, for sure, and that is enjoyable. But I didn’t feel there was a good balance between the romance and the comedy; the romance took too long to develop. It is well written otherwise. The author does have a knack for writing about groups of female friends in a way that makes them feel like they could be real women you could meet.