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Negotiation without Negotiating*

Some Good Techniques for Collaborative Negotiation, Introvert or Not

In this book, the author combines two topics, introversion and negotiation. I found his section on introversion to be not wholly correct. I am wondering where he got some of his information from. The section did mention, of course, the Myers-Briggs test and the different types of introversion defined by it as well as something I had never heard of that uses the acronym of STAR (social, thinking, anxious, and restrained types of introversion). About the first third of the book or so discusses introversion in general, not really relating it to negotiation at all.

The negotiation section of the book takes up the bulk of it. I didn’t really find it to be super specific to introverts in negotiation; he just seemed to share some good insights into the process that anyone could use. I found the title to be a bit disingenuous because, of course, the book is actually about negotiation. It is just that the style that he proposes is more collaborative than adversarial, but it is still negotiation. I enjoy nonfiction, and I read a lot of it, but I found myself completely surprised that the author used mild profanity throughout the whole book. I don’t like seeing profanity in fiction, and I don’t particularly appreciate it in nonfiction. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen in a nonfiction book that is about a business topic. I hope it doesn’t become a trend, as it has in some genres of contemporary romance. All in all, the author did share some good techniques for collaborative negotiation.