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Narciccism, For Those Being Manipulated by It

This is a surprising book. After having read so many nonfiction books that take a shallow look a topic, this was refreshingly detailed yet concise. The author first describes and then defines narcissism, even using and explaining the detailed clinical definition. Clinical narcissism has an exact definition that the ordinary person may not think of when they hear the term. It is not just merely being self-centered; someone diagnosed with narcissism is manipulative of those with whom they are in a relationship, often to the detriment of the other person. He then digs deeper and discusses the weapons that narcissistic can use against people they interact with. This book is meant for people who are at the mercy of the narcissist, not for the narcissist himself or herself. So a further section gives ideas about how to cope with a narcissist if you must have one in your life. He ends the book with tips on how to overcome narcissistic abuse. If you have a controlling and manipulative person in your life who only seems to think about themselves, whether or not you term him or her a true narcissist, this book will help clarify what may be going on and give tips and strategies for dealing with the situation.

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