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My Romantic Comedy (Complete)*

Erin’s Complete Tale of Finding Love via Romantic Comedies

To me, this is an odd trilogy of books. The overarching premise is that Erin is a hopeless romantic who wants her love life to be like a romantic comedy movie. She has specific movies in mind even. She tries to set up circumstances that will allow these fictional stories to play out in her real life.

The book has an interesting set of supporting characters including Erin’s sister, Julia, and her best friend, Carrie. While the book is predominantly written in the first-person from Erin’s perspective, at the end of each chapter both Julia and Carrie each have a few paragraphs to say about what’s going on in Erin’s as well as their own lives.

Erin is not an easy heroine to like. In fact, I didn’t like her. She is overly critical, hypocritical, unkind, unforgiving, and untrusting even when she should be. I found her sister and friend to be more sympathetic and interesting. In fact, I think that the book would have been better if the point of view truly alternated between Erin, her sister, and her friend rather than just have the brief paragraphs at the end of a chapter narrated by Erin from the other women’s perspectives. Or the author could have gone the other way and given those two other women their own books separate from Erin’s story.

Despite the fact that I found Julia and Carrie to be excellent secondary characters in their own right, I actually didn’t like their commentaries at the end of Erin’s chapters. Yes, those bits did show a different perspective on Erin’s actions as well as give a little about what was happening with the other women. I’m a fan of an author showing not telling, and those commentaries are classic examples of telling. The fact that on occasion in Erin’s sections she would speak directly to the reader annoyed me. I don’t like it in either books or movies when a character breaks the fourth wall, as it shatters the illusion that we are voyeurs of this story, unknown to the characters within it as we watch their lives play out.

I found myself feeling sorry for Matt. Erin is such a basket case that I found myself wishing he would find better.