Some Favorite Books This Week!

I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with both the reading AND posting here. While I get it all sorted out, I thought I could at least post the reviews here to Amazon, so you can read them there!

By the way, the first book in the lines above is my own book, published in mid-April to help the restaurant industry during the pandemic. If you know any restaurant owners, managers, head chefs, or operators… let them know!

Note: I am listing reviews as I do them each day. Sometimes, Amazon takes days or even a week or more to approve these reviews, so you will see a lag between when I list reviews and when a link is available. The longest I had to wait was 3.5 weeks!

Hope that life becomes a little more sane soon!

Historical Romance

Contemporary Romance

  • Home at Last by Judith Keim
  • Intimate Strangers by Tara Mills (just terrible–a newly engaged woman lusting after a guy… then getting busy with him immediately after the fiance is dragged into the sea by a shark. Ugh.)
  • Love is Like a Box of Chocolates by various authors (I couldn’t find much to like about this anthology… kept moving through the stories, not finding much to enjoy. More like a Whitman’s sampler, not a See’s one!)
  • One Hundred Decisions by Kelly Collins (I love how this author touches on what could be “downer” societal issues in her books… but with such a light, deft hand that it only enhances and deepens the romance.)
  • Defending Love by Kendra Roberts (poorly written)
  • Home to Him by Kendra Roberts


  • Legacy of Lies by Robert Bailey (love a heroine with such moral integrity)

Chick Lit / Women’s Literature

  • If You Must Know by Jamie Beck
  • Sorry I Missed You by Suzy Krause (quirky, funny… about ghosts of several sorts)
  • The Fire Blossom by Susan Lark (the story of strong women beating the odds together as friends in the harsh environment of 1840s New Zealand)

History — Fiction & Nonfiction

Literary Fiction

  • A Man by Keiichiro Hirano (the first time this popular Japanese writer has been translated into English–I wasn’t impressed)

Nonfiction — General

Nonfiction — Self-Help


No-So-Favorite Books This Week!

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