Some Favorite Books This Week!

I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with both the reading AND posting here. While I get it all sorted out, I thought I could at least post the reviews here to Amazon, so you can read them there!

By the way, the first book on the top line above is my own book, published in April to help restaurant’s through the pandemic. Know any restaurateurs, restaurant managers, or head chefs? Let them know about the book! It could save their business!

Note: I am listing reviews as I do them each day. Sometimes, Amazon takes days or even a week or more to approve these reviews, so you will see a lag between when I list reviews and when a link is available. The longest I had to wait was 3.5 weeks!

Hope that life becomes a little more sane soon!



Historical Romance

  • The Debutante by Bethany Swafford
  • Rapacity & Rancor by Abbey North (Amazon rejected my review, so the link is to Goodreads)
  • Artifice by Elizabeth A. Lance (Amazon rejected my review, so the link is to Goodreads)
  • One Night’s Desire by Rue Allyn
  • Prudence’s Mystery by Joyce Alec
  • Gold Dust Brides by Devon McKay

Contemporary Romance

  • Unconditional Hearts by Roxanne Hensley
  • A Match for the Matchmaker by Michele Brouder
  • Ari’s Adventures by Elle Sweet
  • Tempt Me by various authors
  • A Summer of Surprises by Judith Keim
  • Steeped in Love by Julie Evelyn Joyce
  • A Date at the Wisteria Estate by
  • An Apple for Adam by Ann Rouby
  • To My First and Last One Night Stand by J. S. Cooper
  • The Weekly Romance Reads Box Volume Set #11 to #15 by Emmaline Wade
  • Right with Me by Stacey Lewis
  • The Breakup Bucket List by Cassie Cross
  • Finding Ms. Wrong by Susie Warner
  • Bit of Spice by Sarah Gai
  • Sweethearts Old by Rachel A. Andersen

Mysteries, Suspense, and Thrillers

Speculative Fiction

  • Romancing the Spirit Series Novella Collection, Books 7-12 by C. B. Samet
  • Four Weddings and an Alien by Fiona Roarke

Chick Lit / Women’s Literature /Literary Fiction

Children’s Fiction




Self-Help & Spiritual

  • Unf#ck Your Mind by Evelyn Thaylor (one of the most poorly written self-help books I’ve seen; reads like a boring textbook)

Business & Finance


  • How to Become a Published Writer by Helen Cox (helps with things that may hold you back with your writing)
  • How to Write a Simple Book Review by Allyson R. Abbott
  • How to Self-Publish without Going Broke by J. U. Scribe
  • Plan Your Novel Like a Pro by Beth and Ezra Barany
  • The Author’s Checklist by Elizabeth K. Kracht
  • Your Story Matters by Leslie Leyland Fields

Children’s Nonfiction (including activity books)

No-So-Favorite Books This Week!

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