Some Favorite Books This Week!

I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with both the reading AND posting here. While I get it all sorted out, I thought I could at least post the reviews here to Amazon, so you can read them there!

The book in the first position is my own book, Kitchen Open, published just a few weeks ago, meant to help restaurants during the pandemic. Know any restaurateurs or managers? Let them know about the book!

Note: I am listing reviews as I do them each day. Sometimes, Amazon takes days or even a week or more to approve these reviews, so you will see a lag between when I list reviews and when a link is available. The longest I had to wait was 3.5 weeks!

Hope that life becomes a little more sane soon!

Historical Romance

  • Awoken by Jane Castel (medieval Scotland Isle of Skye; this one is about a nun who is kidnapped by an evil clan chief; very good, actually!)
  • Lords and Secrets by Joyce Alec

Contemporary Romance

Nonfiction – General

Nonfiction – Self-Help

Nonfiction – Cookbooks

Nonfiction – Language



Nonfiction and Fiction – History

  • Living Among the Dead by Adena Berstein Astrowsky (a true story of a Holocaust survivor lovingly told by her grandaughter)
  • Her Side of History by Claudia Severin (4 fictionalized tales of women in the authors family–more riveting than you might imagine!)
  • The Lost Queen by Anne Stott (all about Princess Charlotte of Wales, the daughter of the Prince Regent in the early 1800s–if she had survived childbirth, she would have been queen after her father died, not Victoria)
  • How the Old World Ended by Johnathan Scott (should have been an engaging read about the Anglo-Dutch dominance and battle in the New world… but overly wordy and a hard read)
  • Women Spies Books 1-3 by Kit Sergeant (More fictionalized history, all about the female spies during the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and World War I.)

Speculative Fiction

No-So-Favorite Books This Week!

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