Some Favorite Books This Week!

I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with both the reading AND posting here. While I get it all sorted out, I thought I could at least post the reviews here to Amazon, so you can read them there!

I’ve just published my own book in support of the restaurant industry, Kitchen Open by Jamie Jack. It’s linked above. Check it out and spread the word to anyone you know who owns, manages, or operates a restaurant!

Note: I am listing reviews as I do them each day. Sometimes, Amazon takes days or even a week or more to approve these reviews, so you will see a lag between when I list reviews and when a link is available. The longest I had to wait was 3.5 weeks!

Hope that life becomes a little more sane soon!

Historical Romance

  • Conquered Heart by Kara Griffin
  • A Portrait of Dawn by Samantha St. Claire (Idaho territory just on cusp of statehood)
  • The Princess Spy by Elise Marion (not really historical as it takes place in a nonexistant country, but it seems European around the time of the start of the railroad)
  • Capturing the Bride by Samantha Holt
  • Tides of Passion by Tracy Sumner
  • A Stolen Bride by Avery Maitland (poorly written story; I don’t like a story where the hero is unclear or the heroine gets abused during the entire book)
  • Wed in Disgrace by Rose Pearson (very sympathetic heroine)

Contemporary Romance




Speculative Fiction



No-So-Favorite Books This Week!

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