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My Heart Did Fly*

Humor Doesn’t Quite Cut the Muster

This is the second book that I have read by this author. I thought that the first book had a few issues, the most pressing being that the opening scene was confusing because a large cast of characters was introduced. Having read the first book, though, I found this book was much more easily digested because of an even more in-depth knowledge of the Fairwell family and their large group of acquaintances and friends. But I had a new issue with this book. It felt as though the author was trying too hard to make it witty or humorous. It felt forced. So to me, the entire tone of the book felt off. Will is a great character, and I enjoyed his romance despite this as he is an unlikely hero, more everyman than gentleman (though he is still gentlemanly). Sometimes his chatterbox ramblings were amusing, but other times they felt awkward (though that might have been the point). In historical novels, it is uncommon to have the heroine be an actress. I do like it when authors incorporate unusual aspects into what can sometimes be formulaic subgenres. I found the adventures of this couple to be fun reading even though I felt that the attempt at humor often missed the mark.

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