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My Big Fat Alien Wedding*

Another Fun Trip to Alienn

It is brother Axel’s turn for romance! The woman he thinks is just a worker on board a ship visiting the way-station is actually from one of the more prominent families on Alpha-Prime. She has never fully felt appreciated there but has lived the life that has been proscribed for her—including agreeing to an arranged marriage. Meeting Axel gets her thinking about the possibilities.

This is now the fourth books that I have read in this series about Alienn, Arkansas. Like the rest, I thoroughly enjoyed this installment. There’s delightful tongue-in-cheek humor that at times borders on slapstick with great turns of phrase. The pacing of the book is right on. I love getting glimpses of the other characters I’ve come to know and love, like the other Grey brothers and their Aunt Dixie. Axel was sweet when he just fell for her so quickly, not really know that much about her. He is a simple man who just wants the woman of his dreams.