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Mr. Darcy's Downfall*

One of the Worst Variations I’ve Read

I am a huge fan of Jane Austen fanfiction. It started a couple of years ago when I came back to reading fiction after having my reading time taken up with schoolwork and business matters. Even though I’ve read so many JAFF variations, I am still on the lookout for new and good authors and stories. Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed with this book. In fact, it has to be one of the worst Pride and Prejudice fanfiction variations that I have read. I feel like I do not know where to start talking about all that is wrong with this book.

Mrs. Bennet is beyond the pale, even more than usual, as she sets up a particularly hideous compromise for Elizabeth as Mr. Bennett lays dying. Both Darcy and Elizabeth act like 10-year-olds for most of the book, with immature actions, reactions, and especially dialogue. The dialogue itself is stilted and strange as well as juvenile. Darcy for most of the book comes across as entirely reprehensible—in manners, in the way he treats Elizabeth, and, frankly, the way he is just so un-Darcy like. While he didn’t want to offer marriage after the compromise, he decides to do so because he believes that Georgiana’s reputation and prospects on the marriage mart in the future could suffer if he doesn’t. As the newlyweds travel to Pemberley, Darcy outlines his vision of their marriage: After Elizabeth bears an heir, she and Darcy will live separately; he will take up with a mistress immediately, while she is free to have lovers discreetly after she provides the heir. The consummation scene, which happens quite late in the book, is actually what I would call icky. And even after it, Darcy hightails it to London in search of a mistress! Ever so, NO, NO, NO! This book is just wrong on so many levels. Avoid it like the plague and find much better Pride and Prejudice variations out there if you love JAFF as I do.

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