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More Than a Rogue*

Fun, Lighthearted (Mostly!) Regency Romance

Emily believes herself to be firmly on the shelf at the age of six-and-twenty, and she laments to her friends that she has never even kissed a man. She has no desire for a husband; she is quite content running a small orphanage with her friends. She has considered asking a man to kiss her, but she would not be interested in a man who would want to pursue more than that. She does find herself in a compromising position (caused by the gentleman) with her best friend’s husband’s triplet brother. Griffin offers the honorable way out when they are discovered by her mother, aunt, and sister, but Emily asked him to not even make a formal proposal as she would not consider it. She truly is content with her life and does not wish to marry; she would only consider it if true love were on the table for both parties.

The first part of this Regency has a fun lightness to it because of the delicious banter and thoughts of the hero and heroine that show both of their incorrect reads of the situation as well as the circumstances that they continually find themselves in. The book turns a little more serious when Emily’s mother shows up in the country, but the twists and turns in Griffin and Emily’s relationship continue to be engaging. Griffin is a slightly confused and befuddled hero, but his confusion has a sweetness and kindness to it; he is a good man who wants to do right, especially by Emily. Emily has a delightful independence and a strong sense of self that is lovely to see in a Regency. It doesn’t feel forced as it sometimes does in these types of novels. I found this to be an excellent read.