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An Odd Mail-Order Bride for a Railroad Man

Mina is living a busy but fulfilling life with her parents in Virginia when she is told that she is being sent to Kansas on the bridal train to be a mail-order bride. Not one to disobey her parents, though she’d much prefer to stay in Virginia, she does this. In quick order, she is married to George Lawrence who works for the railroad there. She is quite surprised at the relative wealth of this railroad man compared to her farmer parents. George decided he needed a wife when one of the men he worked with told him that the board wouldn’t take him seriously until he was wed. He has a good idea for a spur that he believes the railroad should build so that ranchers move their cattle easier for transport.

How is Mina going to find her new life in Kansas? What will she think of her new, never-before-seen husband? How will he find her? Can each be the spouse that the other needs? Will George get his spur?

I found this to be an odd book. Mina is a very strange female. She almost comes across as a little slow and dim-witted. She is undoubtedly naïve and peculiar. Her love of animals seems to trump everything else, much to her husband chagrin. The language of this book, too, is stilted and unnatural, both in narrative sections and in dialogue.

If you enjoy romances about Old West mail-order brides and don’t mind an odd heroine, you might enjoy this book.