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Mermaids Be With You*

Funny Send-Up of the Fantasy Genre

If you ever thought that fantasy fiction takes itself too seriously with its world-defining quests and fickle kings and queens, you should read this series. It’s like Monty Python meets Princess Bride. It clearly, and definitely, spoofs the tropes of the fantasy genre. From the offbeat names to the characters’ quirky self-awareness to the strange situations the characters find themselves in, everything (and everyone) is up for ridicule and laughs in this book. I find the book is best taken in small doses. Trying to read it quickly will not allow time before they humor to mellow, and it might get to be a bit much. Some of the interior monologue and self-awareness of the characters is truly funny. The authors clearly enjoy lampooning this genre.

And, yes, tell me more about the Age of Gerbils!

If you’re expecting serious fantasy when you download this book, you will be disappointed. Go into it knowing that it’s firmly tongue-in-cheek, and let yourself just go along for the ride. If you do so, you will most likely enjoy the trip.