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Make Your Own Rainbow*

Positivity Pop Psych

The subtitle of this book suggests the key to creating the life you want is to take charge of your emotions. But in reading this book, I found that the emphasis was more on thought than emotion, even though the author did write a full chapter looking into the dynamic use of emotions (though I don’t quite agree that that was really covered in the chapter). The author states at the beginning of the book that it will help you get past obstacles that stand between you and the life that you want to lead. The book is full of examples of people who have overcome sometimes rather difficult hurdles in life. I felt like the author took some broad concepts of this book from other people who have written books on self-help and positivity but added more (or different) anecdotes to support the ideas. I thought that the chapter on adding years to your life didn’t quite fit the overall theme of the book as the rest of the book is mentally, not physically, oriented. I will admit that chapter 4, when I saw its title in the table of contents, gave me pause for inclusion in such a book. I had to look at it right away, and it literally made me laugh out loud. You will find little new here, but different ways of looking at the same concepts impact people in different ways—so you may find that this book resonates with the way that you approach these ideas.