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Maid for Him*

Poor Young Woman Returns to Scene of Teenage Humiliation

Jenna is back in her hometown after an absence of over ten years. As poor and broke as she was back then, she takes a position as a maid for Reed Knight at his mansion. Sparks fly immediately between them during the interview as she can’t let go of her resentment about his treatment of her when they were teens. Despite her attitude, he hires her. Reed is engaged to former beauty queen Olivia, who hasn’t been the same since they agreed to marry; he’s regretting his hasty decision.

How will Jenna and Reid get along? Will she be able to hold her tongue for the time each day she will need to be in his home to perform her job? Will Reed and Olivia marry?

I just couldn’t get into this book as I couldn’t get past the way Jenna acted about Reed in the early part of the novel. First, it was clear when she talked to her friend Shay about Reed (as they were discussing the possible assignment) that she couldn’t stop sniping about him; why would her friend risk her agency’s reputation when Jenna just kept making snarky comments about Reed and other wealthy people? Then the interview was so much worse. She is so unprofessional that I couldn’t understand why Reed would hire her after the way she acted. Oh, yes, I know—the plot needed it to happen that way! Ugh. I just couldn’t get beyond this, which made the rest of the story seem pointless and uncomfortable.

The book did have issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage as well. For these reasons, I did not find this book a good read.