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Lucid Dreaming*

Elementary, Too-Short Guide

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating concept. Like the author, I had experience with it when I was a teenager, although I didn’t know what to call it at the time. I was having the same bad dream over and over, and at one point, I decided to turn the tables on my attackers in the dream; the dreams ended at that point. The book is rather short, and the subjects listed in the table of contents are not explored in any true depth. I feel like this subject actually needs more exploration to be fully understood and practiced by the reader. The book needed to be more tightly focused on lucid dreaming. At the beginning, there are sections on some of the history of sleep science and psychology that relates to lucid dreaming. In a book meant to help one explore lucid dreaming, that may be interesting information (though it wasn’t necessarily presented so here), but it really doesn’t feel relevant to the main thrust of the book. This book may do as an elementary introduction to lucid dreaming, but I am sure other books explore the subject more fully.