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Stunning Deep Perspective Read

This is a fantastic book. I don’t think I’ve read perspective this deep ever. The book alternates between the viewpoints of Isabella, Dante, and Nathan. Isabella and Nathan are in a rather horrid marriage at the start, and Dante is a man who has become obsessed with Isabella and believes that he loves her from afar. I’m not going to go into too much detail because this book needs to be experienced first hand, as it is so emotionally raw. I thought the cover was a little misleading because, for whatever reason, I thought this was a historical book, but it is a contemporary romance. There is a bit more profanity than I am comfortable with, but it actually made contextual sense within the story. It wasn’t gratuitous. This book is definitely dark at times, as books about controlling relationships can be. If you don’t mind a little darkness and little profanity, this book is a stunning experience.

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