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Love Me Now*

Billionaire Fake Engagement with Good Interaction between Hero and Heroine

Calista is doing her best to help her family keep their Greek diner open in small-town Connecticut. A storm has damaged it, and unfortunately, the bank has not come through was a loan to get it back in shape. Miles is the heir to a family fortune, but in order to assure his succession, he needs to convince the board that he is stable. On the spur of the moment, rather than accept his parents’ desire for him to wed his dead brother’s fiance, he tells them that he is engaged to a waitress that he met at a Greek diner. After some convincing—and a financial deal that will save the diner—he does talk Calista into being his fake fiance until he can become CEO in a month.

As you might imagine, this book hits all the notes we’re familiar with for fake fiance romance and billionaire romance. There’s the evil ex-girlfriend. The couple starts developing feelings for each other right away. His family is opposed to the match. What sets this book apart, though, is Miles and Calista’s early interaction. It is quite humorous at times, but there are moments when they both are vulnerable to each other. That kind of give-and-take—humor, fear, and poignancy—felt realistic. Both had difficulties to overcome that made sense in the context of their characters and within the plot of the story. Of course, you know before the end that there has to be a bad break-up before they can come together again, and I wasn’t particularly wild about the way the author chose to do it here. She had made Miles a relatively sensitive guy, so it seemed out of character for him to act as he did. I didn’t like that the resolution had to take so long within the story’s timeframe, but it was understandable.

If you enjoy billionaire and fake fiance romance, you might like this slightly different spin on the usual.