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Live Work Love*

Engaging Look at How to Age Well

In this intriguing work, the author explores in depth the concepts in the title within the framework of how to live not just longer lives but better lives. The author states at the beginning of the book that he has read 100 books and 100 research articles on how to age better so we don’t have to. As somewhat of a research nerd myself, I enjoyed both the author’s intent toward backing up his thoughts with data and others’ views as well as the ideas from the books and papers themselves.

The book is divided broadly into the three main categories of Live, Work, and Love. Before this, though, there are chapters about the concept of aging and what that means. The Live section is the longest, with sections on the physical, mental, and social and their 12 controls (like move, sleep, think, learn, care, and touch). The Work section is short but touches briefly on ideas like engaging in work, retirement, and alternate paths. The final part on Love starts with oneself, and subsequent sections spiral out from there to friends, partners, and family.

Despite the strong research element—which might suggest that this could be a heavy and dense read- I found the book to be well written and engaging. As I stated above, most of the ideas researched are quite fascinating, and the discussion presented offers ample food for thought. There’s certainly much to ponder here, and much that I believe would indeed improve the quality of life as one ages.

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