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Life Hacking Spiritual Practices*

Subtitle Better Fit Than Title

I think that the subtitle actually makes a better title than the real title of this book! When an author uses a trendy term like “life hacking,” I feel it more obscures what a book is about than illuminate. Something just rubs me wrong, too, about the idea of “hacking” anything spiritual. But I won’t keep going on about semantics. This book is meant for Christians who feel like the crazy modern world keeps them from truly living their Christian beliefs and hampers their closeness to God. The author has a clear and easy writing style as well as very workable suggestions and tips for how to become more focused on the religious aspect of your life and God. I wish, too, that the author had been more explicit in the blurb that this is a Christian book. The term “spiritual” can be used to define and describe a much broader realm than Christianity, so it is not accurate to use a more general term. Name it and claim it! This way, it makes it clear to people who just look at the blurb, and not the categories, what exactly this book is about. That said, this is a scripturally sound book written in in an engaging way that may help Christians find their way back to God, even with the pressures of modern life, and to help them live their lives in a way that more embodies Christ’s message.