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Life and the After-Life*

Fascinating Look into the Life and Mind of a Medium

I have read other books by this author, so I was curious about her background and further glimpses at her take on the world outside of the standard five senses. This book is divided precisely in half, the first half being a brief memoir while the second half gives her thoughts and opinions on occult topics like ghosts, spirit guides, angels, and the other side. The book ends with a glossary of sorts, a list of terms that you might have heard if you read many metaphysical or occult books. I found the memoir section interesting, to see how the awareness began for her and how that manifested in her life. Part two is not only about straight-up information on the topics; she also gives you tips if you are, say, dealing with ghosts. Having read some of her other books, I found the glossary to be helpful because she does have some precise definitions of terms. If you have any interest in the afterlife, mediums, or otherworldly beings, you might find this book to be a fascinating read.