Lies and Solace*

Big Dreams In Small-Town Romance

What a sweet and lovely small-town romance! The hero and the heroine have complex backstories that are revealed in a perfect dripwise fashion that show the basis for their goals and motivations, allowing the reader to easily empathize with them as they struggle with inner conflicts dealing with their secrets and what they have withheld from each other.

The book starts off dramatically with a scene from the distant past when the heroine’s parents died in a drowning accident when Harper was a child. The book then fast forwards to her at the age of 32 when she is trying to obtain investment capital to help restore the lodge that’s been in her family for three generations. Ethan, the hero, is a complex character, on the one hand sweet and caring and on the other fearful of rejection or maltreatment due to his secrets.

Now, when I said the book was sweet up above, I didn’t mean it wasn’t steamy! They have a caring bond that does carry over into intimacy towards the end of the book. Will their secrets tear them apart? Will Harper have the lodge of her dreams? Will her sisters start pitching in?

This book was refreshingly light on punctuation and grammar issues. It was a delight to read in that aspect as well as the good storytelling as detailed above.

If you like small town romance with complex characters, you’ll find this book a treat.