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Kissing by the Mistletoe*

A Sweet, Brief Holiday Romance

This is a rather short novella that can be read quickly, in a sitting or two. For such a short book, it is actually pretty well done. The author didn’t do any significant information dumps, as seems to be common in novellas. I absolutely adored the relationship between the heroine and the Mathison brothers. They had long been friends, and it truly came across as such. In fact, everyone assumes that the heroine is going to marry the older brother. So much so that no other young man in the area has shown any interest in her in the slightest. She comes up with the brilliant idea to fake a courtship with the younger brother while keeping her distance from the older one so that others will not see them as an item. Unfortunately for the younger brother, Thomas, he actually has held a tendre for her and wishes the courtship could be real. As you might imagine, as they get to know each other in their faux courtship, she begins to warm to him as a potential suitor. I absolutely adored the scene with Thomas and the little boy, just like the heroine did. I thought the hero was perfectly swoon-worthy, even if he did have some awkward moments at the end. A fun little Christmas romance.

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