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Kidnapping the Viscount*

More Silly than Funny, More Immature than Mature

I didn’t know quite what to make of this book. When I read the blurb, the premise sounded fun and different for a Regency. The way that it is actually executed comes across as silly rather than funny. The heroine got herself in the initial mess (which essentially is the entire book’s purpose to fix) by listening to the wrong person rather than her own heart and caring more about social climbing than love. The book just feels like a series of pointless and improbable events. There is definitely some drama and misunderstanding, but the interactions between the characters come across as not only unrealistic but actually rather childish for people of their age and social standing. At times, there was too much melodrama and giddiness. This book could have been written humorously but still maintain the proper adult level of interaction. The version of “love” that both the hero and heroine exhibit seems to be more along the lines of teenage crushes rather than mature, adult love.