eBook no longer available after my review.

Keto Diet for Beginners*

Content Taken From Other Sources

This will not be a normal book review like I typically write. I considered not leaving a review, but I considered it my duty to warn other readers about this book.

This book has taken material from at least two other works. The introduction of this book is taken from the introduction to the Ketogenic Diet Cookbook for Beginners by Laura J. Leoni. Not all the introduction was re-used here, but a fair percentage was taken nearly word for word. Eight of the recipes in the breakfast the section were also taken directly from this book. I didn’t go on to research all the rest of the recipes after I found out how much had been taken from one source, but I did check out a few other recipes. One of them, a turkey crust pizza with bacon recipe, appeared to be taken from a food blog that has been taken down but was still indexed by Google.

Here’s the link to the true source of some of the material in this book on Amazon.

The book had spelling errors, including on the cover. The title on the cover at Amazon doesn’t match the title of the book.